This Duke Sorority Recruitment Video Will Make You Never Want To Join Anything

Sorority recruitment videos are traditionally some of the most embarrassing and unintentionally hilarious videos uploaded to YouTube, whether they feature a bunch of girls touting friendship and unity set to adorable mall pop or they have girls rapping like complete idiots. Rarely are such videos noteworthy on their own, unless they’re just so damn cringe-inducing and awkward for both everyone involved and the YouTube viewing community, like this ADPi video from Duke University.

For once in my long, often shameful life, I’m basically speechless. Well done, you Diamond Girls, because that is a feat unlike any other.

Because I feel bad about encouraging people to watch that, I’m including this classic 1988 Chi Phi rush video from USC, as it’s still one of my all-time favorites, and Richie C. and the boys can make everyone happy again.

ROCK ON, Richie C. ROCK. ON.

(H/T to Sports Bank)