Dungen & Woods’ Collaborative Visual Album, ‘Myths 003,’ Celebrates Marfa, Texas

03.09.18 11 months ago

Mexican Summer

Next week will see the release of Myths 003, a collaborative album between Stockholm’s psychedelic band Dungen and Brooklyn indie-rockers Woods. Although the pairing might seem a little unnatural, the project certainly comes together nicely, as showcased in an expansive, innovative take on the “visual album” concept. Through a project called Marfa Loop, listeners/viewers are transported to a unique moment from a specific day in Marfa, Texas.

As you watch, different mythic symbols reveal new areas and fragments of time to explore before the sun goes down. Thus, visitors are able to immerse themselves in a single location, and find some surprising truths along the way. Within the Marfa Loop, Myths 003 plays on, well, a loop, so you enter the musical world at a different point each time you visit. Check the virtual world of Marfa Loop here.

Myths 003 is the result of a recording session during Dungen & Woods’ collaborative residency at the 2017 Marfa Myths, and is the third installment of a record series of the same name, which sees one member of the Mexican Summer family being paired with another that inspires the label and the artists on it.

Dungen & Woods’ Myths 003 is out 3/16 via Mexican Summer. Pre-order it physically here.

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