The Case Of Duran Duran Vs. A Yogurt Company Threatens To Tear This Country Apart

When you think of things that wolves are hungry for, obviously yogurt is the first food that comes to mind, followed by human flesh. Famed yogurt manufacturer (I’ve always wanted to use those three words in a row) Yoplait agrees, which is why they used “Hungry Like a Wolf” in a commercial, apparently without Duran Duran’s consent:

Many of you have written to us, voicing your dismay about the recent license of our song Hungry Like the Wolf, to a yoghurt commercial. Please know, Duran Duran do not support this usage of their music and unfortunately, this particular license was granted without any prior notification to any of us. Had we known, under no circumstances would we have backed it.

Thankfully, the ad has now been taken off the air and moving forward we hope to avoid any further situations like this. (Via)

This is a shame. Duran Duran and Yoplait have a lot in common: they’re both blindingly white.

Banner via Getty Image, via Duran Duran