DVSN’s Latest Single ‘Mood’ Is A Tender Kind Of Love Song

DVSN has spent the better part of 2017 teasing fans with new music. Following 2016’s eye-opening Sept. 5th project, the OVO duo of producer Ninteen85 and Daniel Daley are gearing up to release their sophomore effort, Morning After. On today, ironically the fifth day of September, Dvsn returns with a soothing new single, “Mood.”

Taking a less is more approach with their latest Morning After tease, “Mood” begins with some heavy piano work and Daley’s usually big voice subdued to a specific, Maxwell-like timber. “I’m gonna make a point to just focus on us,” he sings. “When I make it all about you, take care of us.” The context of “Mood” is sweet and delicate as Daley sings from the perspective of wanting to make amends and put his relationship first over anything else.

Morning After has taken on a cinematic approach in regards to promotion. The duo have taken towards a movie poster style appeal with each single. Sleek and seductive, “Mood” differs from the June release of “Don’t Choose,” which was far more smooth and mid-tempo. May’s “Think About Me” was attributed as “don’t text your ex” music which is about as appropriate a hint as there ever was one for an R&B song. “Mood” looks to take the Toronto duo in a different direction. As Sept. 5th was built around the guise of romance and sex, Morning After has given fans glimpses of tenderness as well as romance.

Hear “Mood” by dvsn below.