That Time Kanye Played ‘Yeezus’ For Dwight Howard In The Maternity Ward

02.25.16 2 years ago
dwight howard


When Derek Jeter started The Players Tribune in Fall 2014, the goal was to give athletes a chance to tell their stories in the most unfiltered way possible, while giving fans a perspective they wouldn’t have gotten before. Well, this story does that in a roundabout way, but mostly, it’s just Dwight Howard bragging about something really cool that happened to him: He was one of the first people to hear Kanye West’s 2013 album Yeezus. Now, this might not seem like a big deal; he’s a celebrity, and celebrities get to do fun things like that. But here’s where it gets interesting: This particular listening party just happened to take place in a maternity ward.

In an interview for The Players Tribune’s Real Fan Life segment, Howard tells Ben Lyons that he ran into Kanye in the maternity ward. Apparently Yeezy was initially a little miffed about how much space Howard’s family was taking up, but eventually, once each of the pair realized who the other one was, they became fast friends. Naturally, this led to Kanye deciding to put some of his new fresh beats on, right as a live berth was taking place. If that weren’t enough, Kanye apparently “got into character,” and began rapping along to the tracks. Howard further says that after this experience, he was so hyped on Kanye that, for the next three weeks, that was the only music he listened to. Can’t say I blame him.

(Via The Players Tribune)

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