E-40 Made A Big Donation To His Alma Mater, Grambling State University, And Was Gifted With A Surprise

E-40 is giving back to his alma mater in a major way. Though the rapper is a Bay Area legend, he briefly attended Grambling State University, a historically Black college/university in Grambling, Louisiana. Today (February 3), the 40-watter donated $100,000 to Grambling State to support the university’s music programs.

According to a press release, E-40 was inclined to make a donation “so students can follow their dreams in music like he did.”

At the event, E-40 spoke to local news station WKRG, saying, “I just wanted to make a contribution to my school, Grambling State University, so I talked to the Doc (GSU Band Director Dr. Nikole Roebuck) and she said, ‘Let’s see what we can do,’ and this was what I came up with. I feel good about it, too. I feel really good. God is great.”

One of the components of the university’s music programs is a recording studio, where students can produce music and record vocals and raps. During the donation event, students surprised E-40 by revealing that the studio was named The Earl “E-40” Stevens Sound Recording Studio, after the rapper himself.

Later during the day, E-40 stopped by and visited the Grambling State softball team.

You can see images and video from the event above.