Members Of The Eagles And Jackson Browne To Perform Glenn Frey Tribute At Grammys

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Glenn Frey, singer and guitarist for the Eagles, died in January at the age of 67, leading to an outpouring of emotion from fans and fellow musicians. Musicians who have had as much impact on the industry as Frey has tend to get plenty of tributes in their honor, and so it should come as no surprise that there is an official tribute to Frey planned for the Grammy Awards that are coming up on February 15. For the occasion, they’ve managed to get a pretty impressive collection of Eagles members past and present, plus Jackson Browne.

Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles will all be there, and so will Eagles co-founder Bernie Leadon. Leadon left the band in 1975, being replaced by Walsh, but, since Frey was also a founding member of the Eagles, it makes sense that he would return for the occasion. Browne’s appearance tracks as well, as he and Frey co-wrote the Eagles’ hit “Take It Easy.” After Frey’s death, Browne played it at a concert, saying, “I wrote this song with Glenn Frey. It’s a song that I started, but I didn’t finish it. Even if I had finished it by myself, it wouldn’t be the song that it is and it wouldn’t be the song that we all love.”

As such, you can pretty much guarantee that “Take It Easy” will be played at the Grammys in honor of Frey, and perhaps there will be more as well. Regardless, it’s a fine group of people to put together in tribute to Frey.

(Via Rolling Stone)