Watch As Eagles Of Death Metal Pay Respects To The Paris Attacks Victims At Bataclan

It was welcomed as a fantastic surprise when the hard rockers of Eagles Of Death Metal showed up at U2’s concert in Paris this week. While filming the special for HBO, the seminal classic rock band brought out Jesse Hughes and company not just to pay tribute to the victims of the Paris, but to also suggest that as music lovers we shouldn’t feel fear in concert halls or public spaces and should continue to live our lives one show at a time.

Following their appearance at U2’s performance (which included a few songs of their own), the band decided to visit Le Bataclan, the grounds where the terrifying attack occurred nearly a month ago. In a video captured by Agence France-Presse, the band showed up with flowers in a touching and emotional scene at the location of what could only have been described as unimaginable horror in mid-November.

According to French reports, the band “bowed before the entrance to the Bataclan,” before reading the numerous messages that have been strewn about the venue’s steps.

Bataclan is still closed, but they have plans to reopen in 2016, and Eagles Of Death Metal have personally said that they’d  like to be the first American band to play there.

(Via SPIN)