Eazy-E Is A Legend No Matter What Twitter Says

Twitter will always be the place where the most nonsensical arguments and statements will morph into full-blown trending topics. At 3 AM on Friday morning, that’s how Eazy-E become the topic of discussion.

It all started when one user, @NawRob, went on a string of tweets discussing Eazy’s place in rap history. One of his now deleted tweets read “Drake more legendary than Eazy E if we being real” and was immediately followed by “Well Eazy E isn’t a legend at all actually. He stinks we just gave him a pass for being associated with Dre and Cube.”

From there, the argument created a snowball effect where people justified why Eric Wright was/wasn’t a legend, compared him to rap peers from the past and present, including a whole spin-off debate of whether Eazy was better than G-Eazy.

Yes, that happened.

Whether Eazy’s a legend or not depends on how you attempt to look at his career. From a purely lyrical perspective, the small but mighty Compton villain was a capable MC, able to take his high pitch delivery and make “F*** the police” penetrate the minds of millions as a member of N.W.A. But, it’s common knowledge that he utilized ghostwriters, which automatically disqualify him just like Drake, except for one thing.

Nobody ever argued that Eazy was a lyrical legend.

Was he entertaining as an artist? Yes. Charismatic? Yes, indeed. He was downright hilarious at times and a believable menace at others. Did his music manage to educate and entertain? Without a doubt.

In fact, he, along with N.W.A., helped usher gangster rap to new heights. They provided a look into their crime-riddled city and made America aware what was going on there and in other hoods across the map. They not only influenced generations with their music, they also birthed the tech billionaire Dr. Dre and the movie mogul Ice Cube. All of this originated from Ruthless Records, the house that Eazy and Jerry Heller built.

A lot of myth-making goes into artists’ stories once they pass and therein lies what’s taken place with Eric Wright. Last year’s film on the group only helped multiply the stories attached to his name, both good and bad. But, the fact that people are still discussing him and works years after his death should make it understood that Eazy-E’s a legend in his own right.

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