Echo & The Bunnymen’s Tour With The Violent Femmes Is Proof That Nostalgia Tours Don’t Have To Suck

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We’re all familiar with the idea of a nostalgia tour by now. The sort of thing where they round up a few also-rans and outsized names that signify a certain time period and then have them travel across the United States in search of amphitheaters and state fairs. Well, this new co-headlining tour between The Violent Femmes and Echo & The Bunnymen is like if someone looked at that set-up and said “But what if we make it really ridiculously awesome and book some actual legends?”

The legendary alt-’80s acts are hitting the road together this summer, with the Femmes supporting their first album in 15 years We Can Do Anything. The group are also working on another new album that’s due out later this year. Echo and the Bunnymen have announced no such plans but they don’t have to because you’re still going to want to hear “The Killing Moon.”

Check out the full line-up of tour dates below.

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