Would You Trust A Sketchy Ed Sheeran Peep Show?

If there was a seedy window that offered a seemingly improbable $2 performance from Ed Sheeran, would you believe it? That’s the question that Australian pedestrians were confronted with recently. The answer? A resounding “no.”

Comedic duo Hamish & Andy set up a peep show where people could hear the Grammy-nominated artist play for 30 seconds for the low price of two bucks. They set up inside a sketchy venue, had one half of the duo put on an appropriately creepy beard and set about trying to convince passersby to cough up a couple dollars.

It took them more than two hours to get their first customer willing to plop down value menu money to see one of the biggest recording artists in the world. And the first couple didn’t agree until being chased down the street.

The pranksters briefly considered lowering the price, and Andy asked if Sheeran would be willing to get naked to draw in customers (Sheeran declined, due to his beer consumption and resultant softening). In more than four hours, they only got a handful of people brave enough to take their offer. But the looks on the faces of fans who were surprised by the actual Ed Sheeran is worth the watch.

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