Ed Sheeran Quit Twitter For Real Following The Response To His ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cameo

Ed Sheeran made some waves when he decided he was going to leave Twitter due to all the anger and abuse he saw on the platform. Lady Gaga came to his defense, urging her fans to knock off any nastiness they were spewing out and it seemed that Sheeran didn’t quit Twitter entirely, lowering the situation from a full on exodus to just a slight break to do some reading.

But, this was before Sheeran made his Game Of Thrones debut in a cameo that seemed to leave people a little cold. Not only does he just show up singing campfire tunes with a crew of Lannister soldiers, befriending Arya Stark right after she finished murdering a bunch of dudes. That’s putting it lightly because it kicked the season off right before dropping the crimson-haired songsmith in our path and apparently wasting everybody’s time. Sheeran apparently got his fill of criticisms like that online and went ahead with his plans to nuke his entire account.

Some sites have pointed out the star’s troublesome tweets in the past, so that might’ve played a part, but the timing of the deletion had fans pointing the finger at Game Of Thrones and connecting the dots. When a record number of people tune in to watch dragons and the undead, but end up getting Ed Sheeran, they’re going to vent somewhere.

Sheeran’s exit from Twitter doesn’t mean he’s completely done with social media entirely. He’s still posting photos on his Instagram page and still chatting on Facebook, but Twitter is without the touch of Sheeran all over its shape. So yeah, Sheeran could come back at any moment. People change their mind and delete their Twitter accounts all the time, usually to prove a point to the people they think are their friends or to send a message to the names on their enemies list. Sheeran also has the luxury of being able to goad people with his fabulous life from his other accounts, like with this photo from Peru:

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Climbing mountains in Peru

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So yes, he might’ve deleted his Twitter account, but Sheeran is doing just fine.

(Via Mashable)