Ed Sheeran Joined The Rolling Stones Onstage To Cover ‘Beast Of Burden’

The folks who went to Arrowhead Stadium to see The Rolling Stones on Saturday were already presumably plenty excited just to see the most legendary rock band still touring. However, they got a little extra bonus when Ed Sheeran, who is a much beloved musician in his own right, showed up to join Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and the rest on stage.

Sheeran came out with an acoustic guitar to help sing “Beast of Burden.” He actually got to carry part of it himself, meaning that he got Jagger to step aside from the spotlight, if only temporarily. Of course, even at this advanced age, Jagger never totally cedes the stage to anybody, especially not in those pants. Only Jagger could get away with pants like that.

The Rolling Stones have gone on for long enough that jokes about how old they are to still be touring don’t even get made anymore. Sheeran is one of the best-selling artists going today. It was a real meeting of the music titans, and for some reason it happened in Kansas City of all places.