Eddie Vedder Is Busking Like He’s A Random Street Performer To Celebrate A Cubs Win

What do you do if your favorite baseball team blows out their long-time division rival at home on a joyous Friday night? Well, apparently if you’re Eddie Vedder you go to the street and find a random street performer and start rocking out to a classic, even if nobody seems to notice. Yes, after Vedder’s beloved Cubs blasted their rivals the Cardinals 8-2 in Chicago on Friday night, the Pearl Jam frontman hit Waveland Avenue outside of Wrigley Field, found a street performer and joined the fray.

Vedder shredded a few Pearl Jam classics as people walked by casually, seemingly oblivious to the fact that a rock legend was performing some of his greatest hits, for free, right in front of them. The 52-year-old apparently borrowed a guitar and along with a drummer performed instrumental versions of “Corduroy” and “The Seeker,” while some people went on about their nights but others caught on to the enormity of the rare moment and began snapping pictures and videos.

Maybe Vedder was just pumped after the Cubs big win, or he just felt the urge to support the street performers and jam a bit, but whatever the case it was a once in a lifetime moment for those who was lucky enough to see it and. smart enough to realize what was going on. Check out some more videos of the impromptu performance below.