Eddie Vedder Is Really Pissed That The Sacramento Kings Didn’t Move To Seattle

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder has always been a bit of a hardcore sports fan, from his love of the local Seattle teams to his fanfare for whichever team employs Raul Ibanez. Hell, you can even buy autographed Vedder Cubs jerseys on eBay for about a thousand bucks a pop, just because he’s one of Wrigleyville’s most faithful celebrity fans. But get him going about the Seattle Supersonics, and you’ll see Vedder’s true colors.

Last week, at a show in Oklahoma City, Vedder explained some previous comments about his anger at OKC for stealing the Sonics away from Seattle, and he instead passed the buck and his outrage to the city of Sacramento for not allowing the Kings to move to Seattle. It makes sense that he’d break off a profanity-laced rant like this when he won’t have to answer for it at any concerts in Sacramento this year.

After comparing the people of Oklahoma City to the guy who married your ex-wife, Vedder says that Sacramento “f*cked it all up” and added, “F*ck Sacramento. When you think about it, if you’ve ever been to Sacramento, they’re already kind of f*cked.” So be sure to keep an eye out for Pearl Jam’s next single, “Butthurt Lead Singer Sports Fan Behind the Microphone in a Big City.”

(H/T to CBS Sports, banner via Getty)