Eddie Vedder Showed Up On ‘Twin Peaks’ For An Acoustic, Lamenting Performance Of ‘Out Of Sand’

You can’t say that the comeback season of Twin Peaks has skimped on exciting musical guest stars: Nine Inch Nails performed “She’s Gone Away” on the show, David Bowie’s character from the original series made an emotional return, and let’s not forget the faithfully throwback synth soundtrack from Chromatics frontman Johnny Jewel. Now, Eddie Vedder’s name can be added to that esteemed list after making an appearance on Sunday night’s episode as a singer in a bar.

The Pearl Jam frontman — introduced in the episode by his birth name, Edward Louis Severson — was armed with just an acoustic guitar and a fedora for his performance of “Out Of Sand,” a quintessential Vedder acoustic number that’s carried by his powerful voice. The lyrics seem sung by a regretful narrator painfully aware of the shortcomings that define his past and future: “I stare at my reflection to the bone / Blurred eyes look back at me / Full of blame and sympathy / So, so close / Right roads not taken, the future’s forsaken / Dropped like a fossil or stone.”

The song previously premiered at the Ohana Festival in Dana Point, California in 2016 and has yet to appear on a studio release. Check out that original performance below and find the clip from the Twin Peaks episode above.