El-P Releases ‘Pokemon Rap’ After Criticizing ‘Pokemon GO’

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This week, Pokemon GO, an app that allows people to walk around their neighborhoods — or wherever they feel like — catching Pokemon has been everywhere. The app quickly exploded, with posts about it appearing on social media left and right. Not everyone is feeling the Poke-love, however. One of the dissenters is rapper and Run The Jewels member El-P, who took to Twitter on Friday to express some of his concerns about the accidents people might get into while playing the game:

This might have seemed like some good-natured ribbing, mixed with a bit of genuine concern, but what El-P didn’t realize was that Pokemon fans take their hobby very seriously. The angry tweets started pouring in, and he had no choice but to respond:

Then, he fell back on aa classic Twitter stand-by: claiming he was hacked. In this case, however, it was pretty obvious he was joking:

What this was all leading to was an Instagram post in which El-P dropped his “Pokemon rap,” which has lyrical content and flow roughly on par with Andy Samberg’s “Blizzard Man” character:

Then, he challenged his fans to remix it:

After a few hours, the entries started pouring in:

So, it’s unlikely that El-P will ever understand what makes Pokemon so great, but he did engage its fans in an entertaining way. Could a Pokemon: Run The Jewels game be coming soon. Eh, probably not, but it’s fun to think about it.

(via Pitchfork)