Elderly Couple Gets Revenge On Annoying Neighbors By Blasting Iron Maiden Until 4 A.M.

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04.30.13 6 Comments

“But how can we let them go on this way?” the old woman asks her elderly husband, referring to the loud noises coming from their neighbor’s house at all hours of the night. “I know,” he replies, “their reign of terror must end. And we know deep down there’s no other way, no reasoning, no more to say: LET’S BLAST IRON MAIDEN.”

An elderly couple in Sweden was tired of hearing a “whistling sound” coming from their new neighbors’ property, so they took revenge by blasting Iron Maiden’s “Afraid to Shoot Strangers,” police say. The 71-year-old woman and her 81-year-old husband allegedly played the music at top volume until as late as 4am, theLocal reports. Police found one music system on the balcony and another in the basement, both pointed toward the neighbors’ home. The husband and wife are now charged with harassment; the wife told police she had to take sleeping pills to deal with the whistling noise. “We wanted to give a taste of their own medicine,” her husband explained. (Via)

Do you think they already had a copy of Fear of the Dark, or did they have to download it from iTunes? Did they just type “loud band music” into Google? How long did it take for them to decide on “Afraid to Shoot Strangers”? Why not “2 Minutes to Midnight”? These are the questions that need answering.


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