Eleanor Friedberger Wants ‘Everything’ In Her Effervescent New Single

Chris Eckert

In a year already stacked with some incredible new albums, Eleanor Friedberger’s latest, Rebound, stands out as among the best. The former Fiery Furnaces singer has given her fans a few tastes of what they can expect from her upcoming record through a smattering of different singles, and today she’s dropped another one. Titled “Everything,” the song is about just that.

“I tried to make a pop song about a complicated subject: Everything,” Friedberger explained in a press release. “People seem to really like the line: ‘I mean two houses please.'”

Friedberger’s latest album was inspired by an extended stay in Greece, and more specifically, late nights spent at a local club in Athens called Rebound. “It’s a time warp; kind of an ’80s goth disco where everyone does the chicken dance,” Friedberger recalled a friend telling her. “Rebound proved to be a revelation in terms of finding the sound and energy for my fourth album. The club was very dark and despite the no smoking signs, like everywhere in Athens, it was very smoky. The “chicken dance” Stella mentioned was a solitary one. I copied the slouchy strut, moving back and forth in line, swinging my arms in time to the music that at first sounded like Joy Division or maybe The Cure, but never revealed itself.”

Eleanor Friedberger’s new album Rebound is set to drop on May 4 via Frenchkiss Records. You pre-order the album here, and listen to her new single “Everything” above.