This Touching Elton John Christmas Ad Celebrates His Generational Impact

You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of people who don’t love Elton John. Young people love Elton John. Old people love Elton John. Country singers, rockers, hip-hop artists — I’m looking at you Young Thug — and pop stars love Elton John. The man is a world treasure. But before all that, before the bright lights and the sold out arenas, before the hits songs and movie soundtracks, he was just a boy; a boy who yearned to play piano.

In a new Christmas ad put together by John Lewis & Partners, you are transported back through the decades, beginning with the real, modern Elton — the same one who’s currently in the midst of an extensive farewell tour — sitting in front of a piano onstage, pouring his heart out on his immortal hit “Your Song.” Slowly, the years peel back. The ’00s become the ’90s, become the ’80s, become the ’70s. There he is wailing away on his piano in front of a massive stadium. There he is on a private plane, keeping the party pumping. There he is in the studio, laying down “Your Song” for the first time.

Finally, we reach that special, Christmas morning where Eltons’ mother, tears in her eyes, watches as her young son pulls the wrapping paper off a brand new piano, just for him. He hits a couple of notes and a smile shoots over his face. It’s an incredible powerful ad that will no doubt leave you reaching for a box of tissues by the end. But don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself above.