Elton John Honors The Late David Bowie With This Haunting Cover Of ‘Space Oddity’

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01.15.16 4 Comments

It has been a week of beautiful and heartwarming tributes to the late, great, and iconic David Bowie. The singer, fashion icon, and constant Hollywood presence passed away this week at age 69 from cancer and ever since all of his friends and admirers have been coming out of the woodwork to honor his legacy. Now his longtime friend and peer Elton John has joined in with an intimate but moving performance to remember Bowie.

As Rolling Stone reports, Elton performed a mashup of “Rocket Man” and “Space Oddity” at a recent performance and dedicated it to “the Starman”. It’s not an easy feat to mesh those two songs together and still sound 100% sincere, but if anybody can accomplish it there’s no surprise that it’s Elton.

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