Elton John + System Of A Down = This Amazing ‘Crocodile Chop’ Mashup

05.01.14 4 years ago 9 Comments
crococdile chop


“Chop Suey!” was never officially banned from the radio by Clear Channel, but it was listed on their post-9/11 memorandum of “lyrically questionable” songs. People were cool with System of a Down’s self-righteous suicide on September 10, but September 12? NO WAY. If only Clear Channel had punished a song that ACTUALLY deserves to never be heard again: “Crocodile Rock.”

And yet, when you combine the “Chop” with the “Croc,” something magical happens: you don’t hate Elton John’s LAAAAAAAAAAAA LA LA LA LA LA nearly as much. Only a little.

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