The Nice Lady From The ‘Blurred Lines’ Music Video Posed With A Giant Pizza Slice For Terry Richardson

Emily Ratajkowski, better known as this year’s Kate Upton, even more well known as the nice lady from the “Blurred Lines” music video that you watched more times than you should, is everywhere now. Being the object of Robin Thicke’s affections will do that for a person. She recently posed for anthropomorphized cocaine Terry Richardson for next month’s GQ, which equally unfairly attractive Michael Fassbender adorns the cover of.

Here’s what she had to say about “Blurred Lines.”

“When I first saw the video, I was like, Oh, Jesus Christ, I’m so naked,” she says. “Not just naked, but so revealed.” She leans forward—she’s the daughter of a professor, and she knows a teaching moment when she sees one: “It was my personality. There was no glamour involved. I was just silly and playful and kind of ridiculous—a big dork. And I only let my best friends see that. Or if I’ve had a couple of cocktails.”

Or 174 million people and counting. Anyway, here she is posing with a novelty-sized slice of pizza.

For more photos, head to GQ, then come back and watch this behind-the-scenes video.

(Pictures by Terry Richardson for GQ)