Watch An Emerging Rock Star Shred Through An Intoxicating Performance At Austin’s Spider House

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Emily Wolfe came at being a rockstar backwards. It was only after the singer and subject of the latest installment of Uncharted was able to kick the hard-drinking habits typically associated with rock n’ roll that she was able to unleash her ability to shred.

As such, a lot of time and energy went into her song “Atta Blues.” Everything about the first song that Wolfe was able to write following her recovery sounds difficult and massive. There’s a lot of blood and sweat in this track, Wolfe’s newfound wail complimenting a riotous guitar sounds like every last note is being wrenched out of its guts. Of course, all the painful backstory and redemption arcs in the world can’t make a song worthwhile. Luckily for Wolfe and us, “Atta Blues” is absolutely worthy of an encore.

Check out Wolfe’s performance of “Atta Blues” at Austin’s iconic Spider House up top. And don’t forget to watch her complete story on the Uproxx original series, Uncharted.

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