Eminem And Sasha Grey Finally Hook Up In ‘Space Bound’ Video

06.27.11 5 Comments

When photos were leaked of Eminem and Sasha Grey on the set of the set of the filming of the video for “Space Bound,” a few tongues were wagging, because, why not — and besides, that’s why you cast a sex film goddess, in mainstream stuff, right? Anyway, now the video has been released and, like the song itself, it’s, ugh, dark, to say the least.

The song is about a guy who loses his sh*t when he discovers that his girl has been cheating on him. The video features two different versions of Eminem, one in which he’s coming unglued and another in which he seems completely in control. Grey herself provided the following interpretation of the video to MTV: “You can read into it a few different ways, but I imagine one character is actually him, and the other is his subconscious.”

With all of that said, if your dream in life has been to see Eminem blow his brains out, today’s your lucky day!

Meanwhile, Sasha has moved on to her next project…

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