The Internet Improved Eminem’s BET Freestyle By Mashing It Up With Rage Against The Machine

Man, bless the endlessly creative citizens of the internet. One of those magnificent people, Youtube’s DJ Cummerbund, decided that the anti-Trump Eminem BET Hip-Hop Awards freestyle that generated a tsunami of online debate and real-life attention needed improvement. Cummerbund’s solution? Throw Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls On Parade” instrumental under the lyrics — and it actually works, turning “The Storm” into “Hey Trump!”

First of all, Cummerbund breaks up the clunky parts of the verse (the stop-and-start, spoken-word flow) and accentuates the internal schemes Eminem used throughout. He also extrapolates the Colin Kaepernick-shouting line into an incendiary chorus that comes across more catchy than anything Em’s done on his own in years. Cummerbund also sneaks in his usual great vocal samples from WWF’s Macho Man Randy Savage, which is apropos of nothing, but is exactly the sort of stylistic flourishes hardcore hip-hop songs have incorporated for decades, making “Hey Trump!” feel like a real song.

Since Eminem’s new album is rumored to be full of similar anti-Trump sentiment, even an unofficial remix like “Hey Trump!” might act as an interesting preview to the Detroit rapper’s upcoming material. Meanwhile, Rage’s Tom Morello has been making his own forceful political statements alongside Public Enemy’s Chuck D as Prophets Of Rage.