Eminem’s BET Hip-Hop Awards Freestyle Was Wack… But Necessary

Eminem’s freestyle on the BET Hip-Hop Awards show was not good.

Like many of the overrated rap titan’s worst songs, it was filled with colorful metaphors about nothing and fanciful, ridiculous non-sequiturs that distracted from his point rather than reinforcing it.

He sounded like a runner who’d just started jogging again after a year-long knee injury — a year spent doing little besides hate-watching Fox News and pounding Big Macs with fries and shakes on the side. He was literally gasping for breath in an arena that required nothing of him.

There was no beat, so it was impossible to tell how offbeat he was. He yelled the entire verse as if he wasn’t standing in a near-empty, totally silent garage with a microphone taped to his chest. The whole thing came off like aggressive spoken word poetry.

Yet, the denizens of the rap internets ate it up. Twitter users from the average man on the street to rap luminaries like J. Cole showered the verse with fire emojis and praise because he had enough guts to say what pretty much any decent person has been pointing out for well over a year now: “Donald Trump is bad.”

Which is sad, really. Evidently, not only has the bar been so lowered for (certain) rap legends that “That’s an awfully hot coffee pot / Should I drop it on Donald Trump? Prob’ly not,” is allowed to fly, but we’re also giving props to the loudest guy who showed up latest to the party.

Do you want protest music? A quick search on reveals that everyone from Joey Badass to Nicki Minaj has ripped the sitting Commander In Tweets, with the aforementioned pointing out how ill-equipped he is to lead on “Land Of The Free” and outright yelling “F*ck Donald Trump” on the incendiary “Rockabye Baby.” Black rappers have been going in on Donald Trump for a good, long while, but certainly weren’t the only ones.