Eminem Will Be Hosting A Fireside Chat On Sirius XM The Same Day He Releases ‘Revival’

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Despite the fact that he has an album releasing in a few days, Eminem has been quiet as of late. He’s done just three interviews to drum up publicity for Revival: a podcast with Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin, a lighthearted conversation with his own satellite radio station Shade 45 and a phoner with Elton John. Neither interview was all that revealing or groundbreaking, but Shady has lined up one sit down that should be very interesting on the day he’s set to release his new album.

Eminem has announced he’ll be hosting the Shady Fireside Chat on Sirius XM radio on Friday December 15, where he’ll have “a live conversation, discussion and Q&A” on his Sirius channel Shade 45. Em is set to “field questions directly from fans, media and Shade 45 listeners, live from his home studio in Detroit.”

It’s a unique approach to media, especially for a star as massive as Eminem. Fielding questions directly from the fans could yield interesting results, as fans are sure to be both adoring, and a Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets sketch come to life, all at once.

The Shady Fireside Chat is scheduled for Friday, December 15th at 5 PM EST, and will be aired on Shade 45, as well as SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation (ch. 44), The Heat (ch. 46) and Volume (ch. 106) channels. Listeners can participate and send Em questions during the live broadcast by calling 888-SHADE45.