Eminem’s ‘Revival’ Album Cover Is Literally A Facepalm

Eminem’s rollout for his new album Revival and his grand return to rap has been a little rough. His lead single “Walk On Water,” unceremoniously flopped, despite featuring Beyonce, his album was seemingly pushed back and the tracklist left much to be desired. There doesn’t seem to be much faith that Em is going to deliver anything more than a money grab of an album, and now with the reveal of the album’s cover, fans and pundits alike have a little bit more to cringe over.

Em revealed the artwork on his website, along with the news that he has a new song on the way tonight, as he posted a video of the cover illuminated over several Detroit buildings. “Detroit’s own Jeremy Deputat, Camera Jesus and 1xRun helped us light up the D last night with some Revival art!” Em’s website said in the reveal post. “Thank you to the City of Detroit for working with us and their support!”

The cover features an American flag overlay, and Eminem in the background with his hand on his forehead, seemingly reacting to the current state of affairs in the United States and the existence of Donald Trump. This does give credence to the rumor that the album is “heavily anti-Trump,” a rumor that grew stronger after his scathing, freestyle diss of Trump at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Check out the album cover below.