Someone Made A Fake Revival Double Album Playlist So Good It Fooled Eminem’s Labelmates

When an Eminem fan theorized on Reddit that the Detroit rapper’s upcoming Revival comeback album would be a double disc to account for the conspicuous lack of rap features it inspired rampant speculation online. So much so that another fan took it upon themselves to cook up a theoretical tracklist for the hypothetical second disc that was so good, it nearly fooled Eminem’s friend and longtime collaborator, Crooked I, on Twitter.

When the tracklist for Revival was finally unveiled on his social media, many fans were disappointed to note the aforementioned lack of rap collaborators in favor of pop-outreach picks like Ed Sheeran and Alicia Keys. This prompted the above theory that Revival might actually be a double album, with the second disc containing all of the missing hip-hop-centric guest appearances. Things appear to have snowballed in typical internet fashion, with the fake tracklist for the so-far nonexistent second disc hitting Twitter not long after. The mock playlist contains tracks like “Arsenic” with Redman (whom Eminem has been compared to in the past), “Firing Line” with J. Cole and 50 Cent, and “Connoisseur” featuring Jay-Z and long-time collaborator Royce Da 5’9 (possibly a reference to “Renegade,” from Jay’s The Blueprint, the original version of which initially featured Royce and leaked to the internet in the early days of the modern rap blog).

While Crooked I shared the list on Twitter, he also seemed to display some healthy skepticism about its provenance, and with good reason. A close enough examination reveals there are enough subtle differences in presentation, like differing fonts, to prove that the “Disc 2” tracklist is nothing more than a clever fake. Whether an active troll on the part of Crooked I or fans or simply a fun exercise in wishful thinking, it probably won’t do to get your hopes for hearing “Trial By Fire” or “Star” too high.