Eminem Announced His Entire ‘Stan’ Merchandise Collection With An Embroidered Hat

15 years ago, Eminem introduced the “Stan” term into the hip-hop lexicon. It was the thrilling track off of his Marshall Mathers LP about an obsessive, deranged fan that got every person who rode just a bit too hard for their idol stamped with the “stalker”-and-“fan”-fusing moniker.

Years later he’s looking to capitalize off the term that was recently added into the Oxford dictionary. Today, Em took to Instagram to announce his limited edition embroidered Stan merchandise. The gloomy advertisement is classic Eminem, with just an embroidered “stan” hat on a sink while someone, possibly Eminem himself, pours what looks to be peroxide or alcohol into the sink.

Eminem pulled users to a page on his official websitewhere they can enter their email and get “early access” to the collection. Who knows what other pieces will be in the collection, but shirts and hoodies are likely. Luckily for Em, even though the Stan in his song was put in a negative light, the term has become one that fans will own with pride when it comes to their favorite entertainers.

Along with details about the collection, his stans will surely be looking to hear his reportedly “heavily Anti-Trump” album, especially after his polarizing lambast of President Donald Trump — which won praise from Robert Plant. Time will tell if the project that may be called Revival is out before his upcoming ‘SNL’ appearance, or if he’ll be wearing any of the merch.