It’s 2018 And Eminem Just Started Using Twitter, What Could Go Wrong?

Eminem has over 22 million followers on Twitter, which is a ton for somebody who just started using Twitter. Yes, his account has been active since 2009, but it seems like Eminem only just now started using it himself: Last night, he sent out what appears to be the first tweet that he posted himself, which reads, “Everyone thinks I don’t write my own tweets but I wrote this one.” He also shared an Instagram video of him on his phone, in which he declares, “I’m taking control of my own Twitter now.”

Eminem’s Twitter account has historically been active, although most of the posts on it are promotional, about tour dates, new music, and that sort of thing. This is truly an unprecedented step for Eminem, who has famously been behind the times when it comes to technology.

He only discovered internet porn in 2009. In 2010, he claimed to not know how to use a computer, saying, “Here’s why I don’t know how to work a computer: If I learn how, I’m going to be on that bitch all day looking at comments about me, and it’s going to drive me crazy.” He also took an anti-tech stance on “So Far…,” from 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, saying, “My apologies, no disrespect to technology / But what the heck is all of these buttons? / You expect me to sit here and learn that? / F-ck I gotta do to hear this new song from Luda? / Be an expert at computers?”

Twitter can also be a dangerous place for an outspoken person who may have a short fuse, but only time will tell if Eminem decides to flex his Twitter fingers the next time the NRA or Donald Trump are in the news.