This Boy Dancing Onstage At A Pharrell Concert Is A Worldwide Treasure

When 7-year-old Dylan Barraclough showed up with his family to see international superstar Pharrell perform in Leeds, UK, he probably didn’t know he would become the world’s most celebrated dancer. (Sorry, Fred Astaire, but you’re outta luck.) While the super-producer and The Voice judge was performing his smash hit “Happy,” he invited a bunch of kids in attendance to join him onstage to dance along. But no one could have anticipated this kid taking over.

Dylan told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “I was a little bit excited, and I thought it was really good for my first gig.” MY first gig? He’s already running things. This guy brings to mind all the children who are actually super good at dancing when you had no idea they could actually move like that. That reminds us: Where is Missy Elliott to make music videos starring this kid?



(Via Reddit)