Montreal Electronic Duo Essaie Pas Share The Twisted Fun Of ‘Complet Brouillé’

Today husband-and-wife electronic duo Essaie Pas have shared their latest song, “Complet Brouillé.” You can hear it above. The song begins with Marie Davidson’s familiar laugh, which sounds both taunting and amused as it echoes through the mix. A playful, skipping beat is introduced and collides with brief sample hits. The title is a reference to the “scramble suit” from sci-fi author Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, which was a “shroud-like membrane” which could fit over any person and essentially scramble their identity.

A description of the suit in the book reads:

“In any case, the wearer of a scramble suit was Everyman and in every combination (up to combinations of a million and a half sub-bits) during the course of each hour. Hence, any description of him — or her — was meaningless.”

The Montréal-based duo have always sounded dark and nocturnal, but here they change things up a bit by adding in heavy doses of chaos to disrupt their often straight-faced techno. The song arrives with the announcement of Essaie Pas’ upcoming album, New Path, which will be their fourth album overall and second with DFA Records.

According to the band, the entire album is loosely based on A Scanner Darkly and addresses issues of “addiction, loss, and the lingering strength of identity within late capitalism’s mass media paranoia,” reads the press release.


  1. “Les Aphides”
  2. “Futur Parlé”
  3. “Complet Brouillé”
  4. “Les agents des stups”
  5. “Substance M”
  6. “New Path”

New Path arrives on 3/18 via DFA Records. You can pre-order it here.