The Essential Gift Guide For The Music Lover In Your Life

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While life in 2016 may feel pretty topsy turvy, the world spins madly on and the holidays are still speeding toward us at hyper-speed. Maybe that’s a good thing? In a year marked by some real low points, the holidays are a great time to reset, recharge, and celebrate the one thing in life that really makes this all worthwhile — shopping! Kidding, I mean love, of course.

While there’s plenty of ways to show love, giving gifts is certainly one of them, and making sure the music-obsessive in your life has tickets to their favorite show, or the must-have vinyl of the season, or a piece of coveted tour merch, is part of making this time of year the magical time of year that it’s supposed to be. Especially in a year fraught with aggression, music is a soothing solution and escape from all the tumult, so here’s a list of essentials from 2016 for the music-obsessive in your life. Get ready for vinyl, and lots of it.

A Subscription To Vinyl Me, Please

Start off strong with the hugely popular indie music service that will surprise and impress any avid vinyl collectors. After all, who doesn’t want to be part of a record club? For the music fan who wants to stay up to date on must-have albums, but is a bit of a casual listener themselves, a subscription to the ever-growing Denver-based Vinyl Me, Please is the ideal gift. Plus, VMP is focused on building a community and supporting art on a substantial level, not just shipping out random records like other vinyl retailers may be. You can select three levels of membership, all of which fall under $30 a month, to send monthly vinyl, art prints, cocktail recipes, and much more. Plus, members get discounts on other items in the VMP store — two gifts in one. Sign up here.

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