Even Musicians Think They’re Overrated When They Win ALL The Awards

Modern Family is a perfectly fine show. Never amazing, never terrible — every episode is good, and each season eventually blends together into a 13-hour study of stability. But a lot of people hate Modern Family, partially because Manny is the worst but also because it wins ALL the awards. Especially ALL the Emmys.

When you’re always good but rarely all-time great, and still receive overwhelming acclaim, critics and HATERS are quick to shout “OVERRATED.” The candid lead singer of Tame Impala, which released an impressive second album in Lonerism last year, is worried that he and his band will “suffer” the same fate as Modern Family.

Speaking about the band’s success, [Tame Impala frontman Kevin] Parker says that he worries all of the acclaim will build expectations for the next album beyond realistic levels. “With each award we get, we become a little bit more overrated,” he said. “That’s what it feels like. It’s like the next album is going to come out and, well, I’m not sure what people will be expecting.” (Via)

As long as you guys don’t name a song “Manny,” you’ll be fine.

(via Getty Image, via NME)