Everything About This Arcade Fire Tribute Band Ad On Craigslist Is Perfect

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11.05.13 4 Comments

Arcade Fire are wonderfully easy to make fun of, and I say this as an Arcade Fire fan. They’re an indie rock band with arena ambitions, SO white, and there are 73,402 members in the group, meaning there also has to be 73,403 members in any Arcade Fire tribute band. Like the one a guitarist in Toronto wants to start:

I’m looking to start an Arcade Fire cover band.
I can play guitar, so all I need is:
– a drummer
– a bassist
– two singers
– another guitarist
– pianist
– a harpsichordist
– two violinists
– a horn section (MUST come as a package)
– steel drummers
– accordion player
– organist
– second drummer
– someone who knows what a hurdy gurdy is
– back up singers


When Arcade’s next album is all ska everything, add someone who can skank to the list.

(via Getty Image, via CoS)

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