Let’s See Why Ladies Of The Internet Are Going Wild Over Fashion Santa

Film/TV Editor

Shopping malls are Christmas central, which often equates to Christmas hell when it comes to long lines of families waiting to see Santa. Most of the time, mall Santas don’t want to be there, and children are scared out of their wits on some stranger’s lap. At Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, however, the resident Santa is worth everyone’s while. They call him Fashion Santa.

Paul Mason works the heck out of his fashionable attire, hence his title. He’s been featured in several newspapers, including The Guardian, to promote the selfies he takes for charity. The 51-year-young raises money for Toronto’s Sick Kids Foundation, which makes him even more attractive to his admirers. A sharp-dressed Santa who stays in shape and donates to ailing children? Ladies go wild for him. Likewise, Justin Bieber recently visited Yorkdale and posed with Fashion Santa, but let’s move forward.

Fashion Santa can haul a tree while dressed to the nines.

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