Welcome To Geek Heaven: Fatboy Roberts’ Definitive ‘Skyrim’ & ‘Game of Thrones’ Megamix

This is what we call a four-quadrant post: It hits music, television, video games, and total effing awesomeness, just so you know.

For the unfamiliar, Portland Oregon’s Fatboy Roberts is basically the King of the Geek remix. What he does is to take two pieces of your favorite geek music and combine them with his own drum beats to create a symphony of F**K YES. I’ve been listening to him for a long time — he’s got three albums of amazing geek remixes, he’s got this sweet effing Star Wars End Credits remix (that serendipitously timed out at 11:38), a catchy Parks and Recreation theme song remix, and even The Legend of Zelda remixed with The Good, Bad, and The Ugly. For the true geeks among you, he has weeks’ worth of material to dig through and listen to.

However, Fatboy Roberts had retired from the Geek Remix game, but hell if Game of Thrones didn’t pull him back in. Gamer geeks and TV Geeks Unite with “A Dance With Dragonborn,” this spectacular remix of A Game of Thrones and Skyrim. Enjoy!