Father John Misty Is The Latest Recording Act That Will Not Stand For Your Nickelbashing

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It may be because the gag’s played out or folks that grew up on their modern rock stylings are simply older now, but it’s become less en vogue to mock go-to hoser FM punchline Nickelback these days. (Turning former UK buzz generators Royal Blood into a 1st round Twitter TKO victim probably doesn’t hurt, either.) From Chad beau Avril Lavigne has spoken up on behalf of the band and she isn’t alone. Now, indie folk gent Father John Misty (who isn’t a one size fits all proposition either) is coming to the band’s defense and we have the Chainsmokers to thank. Or blame, depending on your perspective. To the takemobile!

Chatting with NME, FJM conjurer Joshua Tillman shared that he doesn’t just respect Nickelback, he also has Nickelback’s (Nickel)back.

“I will ride for Nickelback, OK?” Tillman told NME. “Because this whole Chainsmokers thing I read about recently, when I was wasting time on the internet, and someone wrote some article about how horrible Nickelback is or something.”

He continued: “‘How You Remind Me’… That’s a f*cking great song. Have you heard that song? It’s great.”

The “whole Chainsmokers thing” Tillman is referring to is the populist EDM duo’s newly formed bond with Nickelback.

“That’s the problem with the internet and social media and stuff: the stuff that you like, you can’t say what it is that you like about something,” he told the English publication. “If you like something, it’s supposed to be beyond the intellectual. But I will ride for Nickelback – I want that on the record. ‘Farmer John Misery – I ride for Nickelback’.”

Adjust your FJM obituary drafts accordingly. Also, this could be the genesis of the weirdest triple headliner arena tour of this or any century. Why not toss in Avril, have everybody team up for “Rock N Roll” as the encore and watch the rural white people dollars roll in. You’re leaving money on the table, gang.

(Via NME)

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