Father John Misty Has New Kanye West-Influenced Merchandise To Sell You

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Father John Misty exists almost entirely within quotation marks. His persona, his various publicity stunts, they all seem to be a joke or a troll job. He’s a fine musician, but he seems to clearly enjoy rankling people or messing with them. His latest bit of chicanery involves some new stuff in his online shop, much of which is clearly inspired, if that’s the right word for it, by Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo.

The new Father John Misty apparel has the words “Life of Padre” plastered on it. You can get a shirt, a sweatshirt, or what Misty’s online store calls a “dad hat.” Why, exactly, FJM is ripping off Kanye for his new merchandise is unknown. He probably just thinks it’s funny, or will get a rise out of people. At least it’s not too expensive, and the “D” in “Padre” looks like the Detroit Tigers logo, which is something.

It’s not all “Life of Padre” stuff, though. Remember that story about Misty allegedly stealing a crystal from the Moon Juice lady? Well, suddenly there are some $45 rose quartz crystal earrings available in his store. The details on the item are as follows:

Extremely Limited Edition earrings from Father John Misty.

You do want the energy of these definitely not-stolen crystals.

These earrings are of the highest quality, offered for those with only the most discerning taste. Privately sourced by Father John Misty in Los Angeles, each stone is meticulously cut from recently-acquired rose quartz crystals in Josh Tilman’s private collection.

If you are willing to seem unbearable to perhaps everybody save for Father John Misty, there are plenty of new opportunities for you.

(Via Stereogum)