Father John Misty’s 13-Minute ‘Leaving LA’ Confronts ‘LA Phonies’ And ‘Pitchfork Bands’

Father John Misty’s blitz of new material from his upcoming album Pure Comedy continues today with the 13-minute banger “Leaving LA.” In a recent appearance on Lauren Laverne’s BBC Radio 6 show, he opted to perform the entire song on the show.

The live version of the track — and the one that appears on the album — are both over thirteen minutes long, and in a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Tillman noted that he’d spent three years writing this song, which he elaborates on with Laverne, telling her at one point there were over forty verses for the track. You can listen to several of those forty verses, that made the final cut, above. Notably, a line addresses “LA phonies” and their “Pitchfork bands.”

This follows up plenty of other new material from the album, including a short film, the title track’s video, “Two Wildly Different Perspectives,” and “Ballad Of The Dying Man.”

Pure Comedy doesn’t come out until the first week of April, so who knows what else Josh Tillman will unveil in the coming months. Another subject he brought up with Lowe was casting dancers in New York, so a live musical number might be in the works?? I would happily watch a Tillman-directed musical based on this album.