Father John Misty’s Recasting Of The Marvel Universe Is Here To Cause Nerd Fights

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Any time that a new Marvel picture comes around, there’s endless nitpicking of the casting and a lot of “dream cast” speculation. Well, if his recent weighing-in-the-balance of humanity on Pure Comedy didn’t tip you off, Father John Misty’s dreams are weirder than yours. Josh Tillman has been tweeting out his new cast for Marvel universe characters and the choices range from probably trolling (The Olsens as War and Famine) to actually interesting (Tilda Swinton as Professor X).

While it’s likely that most of these choices are based on the same thing that drives a lot of FJM-related news — namely, things that Tillman thinks are funny — we can’t pretend that we wouldn’t throw money at any movie starring Grace Jones as Storm or Ice-T as Bishop. Check out his suggestions below, especially if you hold some sway in the casting department of the money-printing MCU and feel like your job is getting a bit too cushy.

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