Father John Misty Talks Life, Death And Trump In His New Video ‘Pure Comedy’

Father John Misty spent the entirety of I Love You Honeybear training his cynical eye on the idea of love. Now, true to his word that he’s expanding his subject matter on his upcoming album, Misty’s applying that same jaded worldview to the entire human race. His new video “Pure Comedy” takes on birth, death, religion, Kanye West and everything in between.

It’s ambitious — as the six-plus minute runtime can attest — but Josh Tillman manages to land some pretty serious body blows on the idea of deities and President Donald Trump.

“Where did they find these goons they elected to rule them?” he sings over footage of the recent inauguration. “What makes these clowns they idolize so remarkable?”

All in all, it’s a fantastic argument for Misty as the depressed heir apparent to Randy Newman, alongside critiques like “Bored In The U.S.A.”, “Holy Sh*t” and even his odd GoGurt commercial/Adult Swim cut “This Is America.” It’s one of many shots that the singer has taken at the 45th President, following the post-election reckoning of “Holy Hell” and his cover of “Trump’s Private Pilot.”

Of course, we’ve known where his head was at since he famously lectured a crowd on the nature of evil rather than play his songs. But even knowing that, “Pure Comedy” is excellent. Check it out up top, odds are news of another album from FJM will be coming soon as well, so keep an eye peeled.