Father John Misty Took A Satirical Swipe At Taylor Swift Over Her Efforts To Legally Silence A Blogger

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Taylor Swift has come under an immense bit of criticism lately from a lot of folks over her efforts to silence a small, Bay Area music blog that recently took her to task for failing to speak out against white supremacy. Recently, the ACLU stepped in on behalf of PopFront, a small, Bay Area-based music blog who received a legal notice to take down a post that criticized Swift over her silence. To many, it seemed like a massive case of punching down, with one of the biggest pop stars in the Universe trying to stymy even the smallest bit of negative press.

One person who wasn’t here for Swift’s legal action was Father John Misty, who took to Facebook this morning, offering his own, veiled, satirical take on the entire episode.

Unnecessary as this may be, it’s come to my attention that my music has been adopted by a certain online faction that has seen fit to interpret and present it via its own ideological prejudices. Though I am in no way affiliated with this group and have made numerous attempts to distance myself from its rhetoric and agenda I still feel the need to roundly denounce it, so with the help of my legal team and much prayer, here goes: music blogging is and has always been entirely unacceptable in a civil society – as is anyone who claims to be a music blogger or associates with music blogging.

Music blogging’s very foundation is inequality – pathologically bent on sustaining the supremacy of one class of music over another based solely on its immutable traits. It is unwelcome here. Thank you all very much.

The post only stayed live for a good 30 minutes or so before Misty decided to take it down. Of course, as many remember, the singer recently came under fire himself recently for including the line, “Bedding Taylor Swift
Every night inside the Oculus Rift,” in his Pure Comedy song “Total Entertainment Forever.”

He later defended himself to Exclaim! saying, “The fact of the matter is, I don’t want that to happen to Taylor Swift. That is the worst thing I can think of; that is so horrible. But again, this plays into progress, where like, the internet was supposed to be this new democracy, a utopia of information where everyone had a voice and we were all interconnected, and we would experience true democracy — and it turned into pornography, followed only by outrage.”

You can check out his full comments above.