Father John Misty’s ‘Total Entertainment Forever’ Video Features Everyone’s Favorite Child Star

If you thought Father John Misty would be satisfied merely by doing something as insane as writing an album on the entirety of human existence, then clearly you’ve learned nothing from the year’s Josh Tillman has spent in his king troll persona. The master provocateur and at-large crystal thief is at it again with the video for his song “Total Entertainment Forever.” The song already generated quite a bit of controversy for its opening lines about virtual reality sex with Taylor Swift (but really, what else rhymes with Oculus Rift?). And Misty seems ready to double down on the hocking nature of the song. In the video, Macaulay Culkin — as Kurt Cobain — is crucified alongside Bill Clinton and Jon from Garfield.

If that isn’t strange enough, the whole affair is a virtual reality world imagined by George Washington, proceeded over by an army of Ronald McDonald’s who punish Cobain for being the alt-right INR, “King Of The Cucks.” Check out the truly batsh*t video up top. Trigger warning if your particularly afraid of the chestbusters from Alien or corporate clowns.

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