Fender Finally Gives Hipsters The Guitar Of Their Dreams With The New Supreme Branded Stratocaster

Senior Music Writer
08.14.17 6 Comments


The electric guitar is unquestionably the coolest musical instrument ever invented. All respect due to drums, keyboards, bassoons and whatnot, there’s just something special about the guitar that has an extra kind of aura about it. For many, the ultimate in guitar coolness is Fender’s iconic Stratocaster. For sixty years and more, and in the hands of icons like Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain and more, it’s remained the ultimate in both style and substance. Now, so many years after it was first created, Fender has rolled out its coolest model yet.


Teaming up with New York style brand Supreme, Fender has just announced a brand new iteration of their most recognized guitar model. The new Supreme Stratocaster is painted in a sleek white and comes will include a Supreme–branded case, strap, and picks. It also sports the Supreme logo on the body between the front two pickups.


Details about the actual instrument like when it will become available and how much it will cost — a lot — are unavailable at this time, however, if the rush we’ve seen lately to buy anything with the Supreme name emblazoned on the front of it is any indication, it’s a good bet that this limited run of guitars won’t last very long.

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