Fetty Wap Recalls His Life Pre-Fame On His New Single, ‘Different Now’

Fetty Wap is the epitome of the allegorical, if not at times wildly overstated, archetype of a “break out star”. The 25-year-old hip hop artist dropped his self-titled debut album, Fetty Wap, in September of 2015 and has since become a fixture within the hip hop genre, and mainstream music as a whole. The album fostered four chart topping singles: “My Way”, “Again”, “679” and of course, the undeniable banger, “Trap Queen”. The success drove Fetty to traverse the late night TV circuit, collaborate with other musical A-listers and even appear in a Calvin Klein ad.

Evidently, life is quite “Different Now” for the New Jersey native which is what he slickly affirms in his new single. Full of melodic riffs and those unique Fetty-isms that appear on all his hits, “Different Now,” produced by heavy hitters Vinylz and Frank Dukes, will appear on Fetty’s sophomore album set to be released this winter.

Though utilizing the “rags to riches” narrative in hip hop is nothing new, “Different Now” boasts a pulsing beat and head bopping flow that refreshes the cliched anecdote. Evoking memories to days prior to appearing in the same campaigns as Vogue’s cover girl, Kendall Jenner, Fetty sings, “Oh my God it’s so different now, yeah/ How they used to hate me now they love me now, yeah/ I remember days of wearin’ hand-me-downs, yeah/ Got it out the mud, they understand me now”.

Check out “Different Now” streaming on Spotify or on Apple Music.

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