A Danish Songwriter Is Claiming Fetty Wap Lifted The ‘Trap Queen’ Beat From Him

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Fetty Wap may be married to the money, but he may soon be letting some go. That’s if a newly filed lawsuit over ownership of “Trap Queen” goes against him.

According to TMZ, a Danish songwriter is staking his claim as the original owner of the beat to Fetty’s big hit. Lazar Lakic claims he purchased the rights to the beat from producer Tony Fadd. He later released a song titled “Hello” in which he used the beat. Lakic claims Fadd contacted him in January 2015 in attempts to buy back the rights, but the songwriter declined. That didn’t stop Fetty and the gang from releasing “Trap Queen,” which ultimately went on to runaway success, breaking Billboard records on its way to four-times Platinum along the way. And now, Lakic wants his share of the profits.

Fetty’s lawyer reportedly told TMZ the beat was purchased legally from the original producer and they have the documentation to prove it. If Lakic is awarded any damages, which aren’t specified at this time, they intend to recoup whatever they lose back from Fadd. But, let’s just say Lakic will probably have an easier time getting money from Fetty than Fetty will from Fadd. Considering how big “Trap Queen” went on to be, don’t expect any of the amounts involved here to be small ones.