LA Indie Folk Artist Field Medic’s Video For ‘Henna Tattoo’ Is Warm And Nostalgic

LA-based indie folk artist Field Medic (real name Kevin Patrick) has released the video for his new song “Henna Tattoo.” The first official single off his upcoming album Fade Into The Dawn, “Henna Tattoo” is warm and nostalgic, with handheld, DIY-style visuals to match the song’s honest, low-key sound.

Fade Into The Dawn, which will be released April 19 via Run For Cover, is Field Medic’s first full-length label release. Despite being signed to a label, Patrick wanted to maintain the homemade aesthetic of his previous videos. “For this music video, the label offered to hire someone to make a more ‘professional’ video than I’ve had before, but I decided instead to use a little bit of the money to buy another camcorder (my sixth) and a gigantic green screen and some lights and do it myself, as I have done for the last few years,” explains Patrick.

Still, the video for “Henna Tattoo” is on a larger scale than anything Patrick has made before. “The ‘Henna Tattoo’ music video is a bit more ambitious than what came before it because of the size of the cast,” Patrick elaborates. “I wanted to finally live my dream of shooting the ‘big group of people standing behind me’ scene, as well as the ‘girl who’s an amazing dancer’ scene and the ‘three guys doing *very simple* choreographed dancing’ scene. All those things came together thanks to the help of friends.”

The raw honesty of the song is enhanced by its warm video. Patrick is as gifted a filmmaker as he is a musician, and Field Medic is one of the most exciting indie acts of 2019.

Fade Into The Dawn is out April 19 via Run For Cover. Pre-order the album here, and check out the video for “Henna Tattoo” above.